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I have been involved in technology for... ever. Since I can recall, I was always convinced that, properly used, technology can augment our life.
We are living in interesting times. The Internet of Things is a tsunami that is already affecting our lives.
At Claridion we have been thinking about it for a few years and we can partner with our clients to take advantage of the opportunities that it represents.
The founding of AIoT Canada ( is our attempt at creating a suitable ecosystem to foster IoT related business. 



Vice President at Claridion

Claridion develops innovative products, integrates third party solutions and offers monitoring services that increase the availability and performances of your strategic IT infrastructure, help to reduce costs (Opex and Capex), enhance risk management and improve overall energy usage.

Claridion offers turnkey solutions and services through reputable partners directly involved in the Data Center lifecycle (engineering, design and construction, consolidation and right-sizing, optimization, maintenance and trouble support).

Co-Founder of AIoT Canada

AIoT Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to support the growth, competitiveness and influence of its members, locally and internationally.
We aim to bring together the Canadian AI and IoT ecosystem to a place of communication, information and collaborative work in order to accelerate the process of ideation, development and implementation of technological solutions that meet today's business needs and tomorrow.


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