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Catalogue des Services

À propos du catalogue de services

​AIOT Canada est fière de présenter notre catalogue de services d'IA et d'IOT. Ce catalogue, alimenté par nos membres Ecosystem, contient diverses offres de services dans tous les domaines de l'IA et de l'IOT, qu'ils soient technologiques ou commerciaux. AIOT Canada est un acteur incontournable dans la promotion des entreprises d'IA et d'IOT au Canada.

De nouvelles offres et remises pour les membres sont ajoutées chaque mois ! N'attendez plus et contactez nos prestataires dès aujourd'hui !​

Offre dans le catalogue de services

Les membres de l'écosystème peuvent ajouter un nombre illimité d'offres dans le catalogue. Les membres Visibility peuvent afficher des offres, moyennant des frais supplémentaires. Assurez-vous d'afficher vos offres dans le catalogue dès aujourd'hui !

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The Atlas 200 DK (model: 3000) is a high-performance AI application developer board that integrates the Ascend 310 AI processor to facilitate quick development and verification. It has been widely used in scenarios such as developer solution verification, higher education, and scientific research.


The FPGA/GPU cluster is a cloud-based, remotely accessible compute infrastructure specifically designed to accelerate compute-intensive applications, such as machine learning training and inference, video processing, financial computing, database analytics networking and bioinformatics.

RISC-V Processor Design and Prototyping


RISC-V is a free, open instruction set architecture, (ISA) that enables processor innovation through open standard collaboration. The RISC-V ISA provides the research community with an opportunity for innovation in new system products, particularly for machine learning and edge computing.



Compatible with thousands of tracking devices and manufacturers worldwide, we’ve made it easier than ever to take full control of your fleet and assets.

AI & IoT Services


KANKEI GROUP - IoT Connectivity Services

Service powered by cutting edge ​SIM technologies and Software Design cellular Connectivity /Services de connectivité pour l'IdO alimentés par une technologie de SIM à la fine pointe, ainsi qu’un connectivité cellulaire de conception logicielle (SDC)


TEKTELIC provides End-to-End wireless Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to its clients. These solutions are designed for premier reliability and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The solutions provided by TEKTELIC include a portfolio of low power sensors for remote data collection in various environments, and Carrier Grade Gateways for reliable, scalable and long range IoT network connectivity.


Praxiem - IoT Market or Ecosystem Assessment

Research, assess, and report on market opportunities for IoT related products or services, which may include market segmentation, key customer list, addressable market, and pricing. Or - research, assess, and report on IoT related ecosystems.


Collaborative project, feasibility study in the implementation of communicating solutions

We also offer training in the form of a development kit to make you independent for programming and using our tools. The support of a number of industrial groups and the integration of mechatronics into our group means that we can assist our partners to implement large scale industrial deployments. We can then implement any certifications that are required such as CE, CSA, UL, FCC, PTCRB.

Complete IoT Service  


The Internet of Things touches several technological spheres. In connectivity, data processing through artificial intelligence or visualization. Our experts help you create innovative projects in the fields of industry, smart cities, smart buildings and other verticals. Our specialists support you from start to finish: from device connectivity to data exploitation, project management and implementation.

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